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Undesirable sound can come from many sources, such as air-conditioning, generators, freeways, airports, activities, and more. We can predict or measure noise levels and recommend strategies to reduce it.

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The freedom from being disturbed or heard by others greatly depends on the barrier that separates one room from another. We can analyze sound transmission and recommend the appropriate design for walls, windows, doors, ceilings, floors, roof, and ductwork.

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The capability of being understood, not only depends on background noise, but also on reverberation. We can estimate or measure the amount of reverberation and recommend the appropriate amount of acoustic material to increase speech intelligibility.

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Conforming to noise ordinance, building code, or standards require understanding of their acoustic requirements. We can analyze how requirements apply to a project and recommend options to satisfy the requirements.

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A good design is worthless if not implemented correctly. We can inspect construction of buildings and report non-conforming items.

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Here to listen and give thorough but simplified advice.

  • Ronn Fojas

    Acoustic Consultant


Design buildings to perform as intended.


Ensure guests enjoy their stay. Noise intrusion from adjacent guest rooms, building equipment, and nearby freeway, or airport are common concerns for hotels. We can assist in selecting the proper design of interior wall, floor, or ceiling, mitigate noise from air-conditioning or other equipment, measure environmental noise, and recommend upgrades for the exterior wall.

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Help students learn. Lack of speech intelligibility impedes students’ ability to learn, which depends on the amount sound reverberation and background noise. We can assist interior designers in incorporating the appropriate type and amount acoustic materials to reduce reverberation and assist mechanical engineers incorporate noise-attenuating elements in their design to reduce background noise.

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Ensure the message gets delivered.  Large spaces are naturally reverberant which reduce speech intelligibility.  Often, these large spaces are subdivided by operable partitions to conduct simultaneous meetings which can disrupt each other. We can assist interior designers in incorporating the appropriate type and amount of acoustic materials to reduce reverberation and assist in selecting partitions to ensure meetings are not disrupted.

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Avoid business disruptions.  In offices, sometimes you don’t want others to hear what you’re saying, sometimes you don’t want to hear anyone else, and sometimes you want everyone to clearly hear nothing else but you.  We can assist in selecting appropriate design for wall, ceiling, door, window, and seals to keep offices and meeting rooms private to minimize business disruption.

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Building equipment should be helpful, not disrupting.  Whether it’s a transformer near offices or an electric generator near residential houses, we can analyze noise and advise whether it is practical to provide an upgraded interior wall, an exterior sound barrier wall, or if it is best to replace or relocate the noisy equipment.

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